Patient Education

Dr. Elbrecht strongly believes that the more informed patients are about dentistry the better care they will receive and the better experience they will have in the dental office. We have several sources of information where patients can get valuable information about dentistry and about specific procedures. While this information is very helpful, nothing compares to having a discussion with Dr. Elbrecht and our dental team. After reviewing the following information feel free to call our office with any questions you may have. 

One source of valuable information for our patients can be found on our website under the Services Provided page. Here you can learn about specific dental procedures and treatments as well as view videos of the procedures. 

Another source of information we provide for our patients is the American Dental Association (ADA) Library. Patients can look up specific topics that they are interested in and learn more about different topics in dentistry. If you have any questions about anything you come across please feel free to contact our office.


Patient Education Library

The ADA Patient Education Library provides the most popular topics in dentistry that will help you better maintain your dental health. Select an article or video below to get started now.

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